Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Project Update

So, a little while ago, I wrote a post about the status of my original graphic novel. When I wrote that post, I wasn't in the best of moods, and with good reason.

My artist had missed several deadlines, and pretty much everyone involved with the project wanted him out. For good, that is. Now, I fought as much as I could, but it's hard to argue with someone over an artist that managed to miss three straight deadlines and was running nearly three months behind schedule.

The book was (and, technically, still is) supposed to ship to stores this summer. That's right. This summer. And, at the time of my last post on the subject, I had four pages with full colors and another six done in pencil and ink. And the book is quite a bit longer than four pages.

Things didn't look good. But, long story short, we came to an agreement of sorts, and the artist was to remain attached to the project. Now, Nathaniel knows how crazy I've been driven by this particular project, so when you get the chance, you can ask him. Because, hoo-boy, I was driven.

Crazy, that is.

And getting this artist to stay on board was a very big, and very happy, deal for me. So, agreements were made and new contracts were...um...agreed to. And things were okay for a few days. Then, pages started coming in--four pages in one day, actually!

And I was even happier. And things were going to be fine. And the book would live to see print. And I think you're sensing a turn in the action, right?

Well, if you were, congrats, because a turn in the action was indeed taken. Today is Deadline Day around these parts, and my artist has until roughly 6:00 or so to get the remaining pages owed to me for this current batch in. Like I said, he's turned in four already, but he still owes me six.

And, while I am, above all else, a realist, I am holding out hope that the pages will come in. And they'll be great. And things will be fine.

So, please do cross your fingers for me, and maybe--just maybe--tomorrow's post won't be "Why Alex's Book Will Never Be Published."

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