Friday, March 27, 2009

Goodbye to Occasional Superheroine and FileFront

Looks like I'm going to be the blogger of bad news today. Two sites you may be familiar with will be closing down shortly: Occasional Superheroine and FileFront.

Occasional Superheroine logoOccasional Superheroine is a blog we've had on our blogroll basically since the beginning. Authored by Valerie D'Orazio, who is currently writing Marvel's Cloak and Dagger series, OS has been a fun, geeky, intellectual, philosophical, and controversial blog that's been online for about two and a half years. Valerie recently announced that her blog will be coming to an end soon, though I'm sure the blog itself will stay online for some time.

I would highly recommend taking a look at OS if you've never been there before, though an objectionable content warning is in order. If nothing else, consider reading Valerie's series of posts known collectively as Goodbye to Comics, which she describes as "a theoretical memoir of what *might* have happened in the life of a woman in the field and fandom of comics." It's very deep, very personal, and very thought-provoking (to say the least), and it's sure to stir up conversation.

To provide some closure to the blog, she's now offering her full memoirs (160+ pages), covering topics she's blogged about in lesser depth such as gender issues in comics, ultra fanboys/fangirls, and her own personal experiences. Click here if you're interested.

Whereas OS should be sticking around awhile, albeit with no more updates, FileFront is going to up and disappear altogether.

FileFront logoFileFront, a huge download site for anything videogame-related (demos, patches, mods, etc.), is suspending its operations indefinitely on Monday, March 30th. I'm super-sad because this is where my Jedi Knight II levels are hosted.

So, if you've got any files uploaded there that you want to keep, or if there are any downloads that you want, go there ASAP to grab what you're looking for. I imagine everybody's going to go download-crazy in the final hours before the site closes down, which could very well crash the entire Internet. Once FileFront goes offline, there's no telling where or if you'll ever find some of those files again.

Okay, now I'm depressed.

As for Exfanding Your Horizons, I promise you that we've got a great many posts left to write; if ever there comes a day when we are to close up shop, rest assured that we'll give you plenty of advance warning and won't just leave you hanging in the middle of

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