Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Month in Review: March 2009

March was a month of subtle change and a shift to better continuity on the blog: joining our regular practice of not posting on Sundays, we (read: Alex) made Waiting for Wednesday into a regular feature, and we managed to stick to posting at 11 AM most days. I also tinkered around behind the scenes a bit so that Exfanding Your Horizons is slightly more search-engine friendly.

Despite the increased continuity in certain areas of the blog, the topics of our posts were a mishmash of this and that. To illustrate this, and to give you a chance to catch up, here are links to everything we did, minus the few filler posts and the monthly GameCola promotion:

- An update on the state of Alex's graphic novel

- Issues two, three, four, and five of Waiting for Wednesday

- An introduction to Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, a Japanese game show taken over by American absurdity

- YouTube videos with audio commentary of me playing through the original Mega Man and Mega Man 2.

- My unreasonably long tale of pity and woe about making those Mega Man videos

- A celebration of our blog reaching 4000 hits

- A joint review of Watchmen (the film)

- An introduction to Garfield Minus Garfield, where the titular character is removed from the Garfield comic strips

- A review of Will Ferrell's one-man play, You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush.

- Ramblings about the decline of Watchmen's (the film again) success

- A collection of silly and ridiculous things found during mundane web searches

- A monster mash-up of a post, discussing Alex's graphic novel, The Goon, and more.

- An introduction to the refreshingly clever and diverse comic strip, FoxTrot

- A discussion about Previews, the dense publication that lists what's available in comics

- A review of the sci-fi thriller Sunshine

- A review of the Bruce Campbell self-parody film My Name is Bruce

- A farewell to Valerie D'Orazio's Occasional Superheroine blog and mega download site FileFront

- A bunch of links to relevant comics news, from Incredibles comics to more trouble with Wizard Magazine

- A discussion about my first steps to creating a board game with a friend

- A notification that the 125-page story conference transcript for Raiders of the Lost Ark is online

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