Tuesday, April 7, 2009

5000 Hits!

Cue the fanfare and confetti and gnomes on unicycles juggling other gnomes on unicycles: we've finally reached 5000 hits! This is truly the finest achievement that any blog could hope for, and we couldn't have done it without making a pact with the Devil's Food Cake. (The Devil himself was out of town at the time; down South somewhere.)

Erm... without your loyal support. Is what I meant to say. Probably. We love you?

*ahem* To celebrate this majestic day, we are unveiling our brand-new banner! Huzzah! Many many thanks to neko-chan for putting it together!

Go ahead. Ogle it for a while.

Stop drooling.

Okay, now we can continue.

As promised (we did promise this, right?), we're continuing on with our tradition of Alex and myself sharing a new fandom with one another with each major milestone on this blog: as of right now, it is Alex's duty and privilege to experience the Mega Man games.

He has elected to watch my Mega Man videos on YouTube that feature humorous, enlightening, and reviewy audio commentary by yours truly. This'll be an ongoing project, as I plan to release a new set of videos about once a month, so stay tuned for more about this.

Lastly, to celebrate 5000 hits, I believe it's time we revealed the Secret Origin of our blog's name:

We were trying to come up with a name we liked, and we figured the purpose of the blog was to expand people's horizons by exposing them to new fandoms, so we combined "expand" with "fan" and got an overweight fanboy. We traded him in for the name "Exfanding." So there ya go.

[Image from www.pressthebuttons.com. P.S.: The cake was a lie. We actually made a deal with Fig Newtons. Those are evil.]

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