Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mega Man 3: YouTube Edition

What? No post all weekend? Well, I'm here to fix that.

...There's technically 41 minutes of weekend left according to my clock, so this totally counts.

After lots of setbacks, I am proud to finally present my video review/walkthrough/showoff video of Mega Man 3! Hear what all the critics are saying about it:

Haha, you're a really funny person, I'm going to watch all parts! --TowbexD

You can watch everything on my YouTube channel or right here in this very blog! As always, please remember to fiddle with the video quality settings for the optimal viewing experience. Enjoy!

P.S.: Like before, I played Mega Man 9's Endless Attack mode to pass the time while the videos were uploading. 592 screens, baby. Gettin' better every time.

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