Friday, April 24, 2009

Zophar's Domain: One-stop shopping for (most of) your emulation needs

Wanna play the original Mega Man on your computer? Or perhaps you'd like to listen to the music from Sonic the Hedgehog any time you please? Maybe you'd like to play a much harder version of Chrono Trigger? Perhaps you'd like to create your own version of Pokémon Red? Could it be that you can't beat Rampart and just wanna skip to the end? Or how about playing Bubble Bobble on your digital camera?

If none of these sounded interesting at all, you've probably mistaken us for some other blog. BUT! If any of these piqued your interest, check out Zophar's Domain.

Zophar's Domain is a great video game resource that belongs right up there with GameFAQs, VGMaps, and replacementdocs: you can find emulators for over a dozen different platforms, programs to hack and edit video game ROMs, game music and a variety of ways to listen to it, savestates, cheats, English translations of games only released in Japan, movies of people running through different games... just about anything you could need, except for the ROMs themselves, which you'll need to poke around for on the Internet; the legality surrounding the use and distribution of ROMs has always been a touchy subject, so Zophar's Domain plays it safe and only offers ROMs that are public domain.

'Nuff said. Take a look at Zophar's Domain; bonus points to anybody who can locate my lone contribution to the site (I'll be listed as Flashman85).

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