Thursday, April 2, 2009

GameCola April Issue Is Here!

No joke! The humorous online video game newsletter is back for another month, and you can see the latest GameCola issue here.

This month I've got a beefy review of Mega Man 8 and a Flash Flood column dedicated to addicting Flash games. No podcast involvement this time around; after recording commentary for all of my Mega Man videos, I was more than happy to have a break from talking at a computer.

If you enjoy GameCola, why don'cha join the GameCola group on Facebook, or sign up for the [no longer extant] mailing list so you're notified when each issue arrives? Normally I'd tell you to include my e-mail address when you sign up so that I can be entered into the referrals contest, but this month's prize is the Animorphs TV show on VHS, which I really have no interest in; so, in retrospect, why don'cha wait until next month to sign up for the mailing list?

Also be sure to take a look at GameCola's YouTube channel. It's largely Mega Man stuff right now, but there are a few other things for you barbarians who don't care about Mega Man.

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