Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Belated Tribute

Way too much geek news goes on every day to even consider reporting it all on this humble little blog, especially given our modest allotment of time in which to write. We tend not to report the super-big news that's being publicized everywhere unless it affects us personally or pertains directly to one of our favorite fandoms, so the only recognition major news often gets on this blog is in the sidebar as the Link of the Week.

That's why we've written about Nintendo's "kind code," layoffs in the publishing industry, and the deaths of Ricardo Montalban and Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, but not the Large Hadron Collider or the next Harry Potter movie or the loss of Bobby Fischer and George Carlin. Just because we don't write about them doesn't mean we don't care; sometimes we feel that other news sources have done a fine job reporting everything, and sometimes we simply can't find anything more profound to say than what others have already said.

Keeping all of that in mind, I'd like to make this post into a belated tribute to two men whom I should have recognized long ago, as I am in their debt for the countless hours of entertainment (and evasion of schoolwork) I have enjoyed, as well as the friendships I have made, as a result of their creation.

These two men are Dungeons & Dragons co-creators Gary Gygax, who passed away in March of 2008, and Dave Arneson, who passed away only a week ago. For D&D, and for helping to shape the direction of over three decades of roleplaying games, thank you, Mr. Gygax and Mr. Arneson. In remembrance and appreciation, I raise my silver chalice with lapis lazuli gems to you.

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