Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Morning Stuff

As I sit here at my desk and wonder where in the world my weekend vanished to and I stare hopelessly at a stack of papers that needs to day this week...I have slowly come to a realization of great importance. And I'd like to share that realization with you now.

This blog goes a long way in keeping me sane. (Well, passably sane, anyway)

I really enjoy coming to this page and writing about the dorky things that I love, and EYH gives me a nice little escape--even if it's only for a relatively small chunk of my day--from reality and paperwork and rain and pirates kidnapping ship captains.

And I hope that you guys get a little bit of that same feeling when you come here and read one of our posts, or check out one of our links, or laugh at what unbelievably big nerds we are.

And I know that fandoms take a lot of heat from "civilians," but I have to say that comics have given me a whole heck of a lot of enjoyment in the past few years, and I am so glad that I stumbled upon that comics shop in Greenwich Village, oh, about six years ago now.

And as I write this, that pile on my desk is, somehow, growing and threatening to take over the office, and then the entire world. So I'll hurry things up a bit.

While many look at comics, or anime, or whatever fandom, as grown-ups trying in vain to recapture some of their youth, I really don't--and can't--view them as such.

I mean, I never even read a comic book until this decade, so what, exactly, would I be recapturing? I read comics for the same reasons I read books (sans pictures) and for the same reasons I go to the movies.

I want to be entertained. And I want to not think about my Friday deadline. Or the economy. Or the bills I need to pay each month. And comics, and anime, and fandom, in general, all do the same thing.

They let us escape. And I love them for that. And I think I'll always love them for that.

Now, just an aside--this post was supposed to be about the book I'm currently reading, On Writing, by Stephen King. But I felt like I needed to vent, so that's what I did instead. I'll probably post my review of the King book--which I am thoroughly enjoying--by week's end.

And before I let you escape from this post, I wanted to give you all a head's up about a great site dedicated to convention information. It's called Convention Fans, and you can (and should!) [and used to be able to] check it out right here.

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