Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Creators Front for Diversity in Comics

I've been meaning to write about the Creators Front for Diversity in Comics (led by Goon creator Eric Powell) for a while now, but my schedule just hasn't afforded me the time to sit down and do so.

Unfortunately, today is no different. Working another weekend means no bloggy for Alex.

Still, I wanted to mention this, and to provide you all with the link, above. (Just a head's up that the video found at that link is NSFW.) For those not interested in clicking, here's part of the Front's message on the current state of the comics industry:

No other entertainment industry is sustained from one genre and 50 year old material. The comic book industry is living off of decades old company owned super hero titles while shoving new original content to the side. The result is the industry has slowly been losing readers for years and alienates anyone who is not interested in reading books about guys in tights.

It's time to change. Support original creator owned comics and diversified content.

Obviously, there's a lot to be said about Eric Powell's efforts to diversify comics, and the way in which he has decided to go about doing so.

And I have plenty to say about it. I just don't have much time to write today.

As anyone who's followed this blog for a while knows, Powell is my favorite comics creator, and The Goon is my favorite book. So, call me biased if you'd like, but when I do get around to writing at length about the subject, I'm going to be in Powell's corner on a lot of things.
As a reader of both mainstream and indie comics--and I mean a LOT of indie comics--I appreciate the need for different types of stories, put out by different creators.

So, even though I can't go in-depth on this at the moment, in the spirit Powell's crusade, I'll say the following. It's Saturday. It's (probably) not snowing where you live. Go out to a comics shop and buy a book you've never heard of, by creators that you've never heard of.

It'll be good for you. And it'll be good for comics.

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