Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dwayne McDuffie

Incredibly sad news to report, unfortunately.

Comics and animation writer and creator, Dwayne McDuffie,has passed away. McDuffie wrote countless comics, he founded Milestone Media, he created the popular character Static Shock, and he wrote for and produced the beloved Justice League Unlimited cartoon.

Most recently, McDuffie penned the animated adaptation of Grant Morrison's seminal Superman tale, All Star Superman, the DC Comics direct-to-DVD feature that was released in stores today.

On a personal note, McDuffie wrote one of my favorite JLA stories, in an issue dealing with the death of Bruce Wayne. It was touching, and poignant, and to me, the best thing that came out of DC in regards to that particular event.

It's a little odd to use the phrase, "a personal note," simply because I never had the good fortune to meet Mr. McDuffie. But that's the case most times with authors and writers and creators and artists that I look up to and whose work I enjoy.

With regards to that particular JLA story, I've read that issue several times, and each time I've closed the pages and felt the emotional weight of the story. I felt a connection to that story, and so, that story--written far away and without even a thought of my existence in mind--became something special for me.

Thank you for that, Dwayne. Fortunately, we'll always have your stories.

Our thoughts and best wishes go to Mr. McDuffie's family and friends.

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