Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day for Single People, etc.

In some part of the world right now, it might still be Valentine's Day, right? If you've come here in search of advice about picking up a romantic movie that both you and your better half can tolerate, check out last year's post. For everyone else, I have nothing for you.

No, really. Alex tasked me with writing a Valentine's Day post like I might actually know something about the subject matter, now that I'm engaged. (Spoiler alert: I'm engaged.) In truth, I don't know any more about being romantic or Valentinesy than the next guy. As far as I can tell, being romantic involves knowing the person you fancy well enough to do something that's unexpected and shows you were thinking of them. Thus endeth my expertise.

I know at least one or two people who are happily un-romanced, and probably couldn't care less about little heart-shaped sugar candies with messages evidently written by lolcats on them. Perhaps you are one of them. Most people have some sort of instant reaction to the mention of Valentine's Day, usually either "Yay!" or "Ugh!" or "You're totally missing the point of what today is all about!" As for me, I'm indifferent.

Whether single or attached, my best Valentine's Day memories are from the times when everyone involved in celebrating was on equal footing. When single, it's been fun to be around other single people, lamenting about how single we were. (Last time I did this, I was the only guy in a group of about four girls.) When attached, it's been fun to do something together, as a couple.

It's no fun to watch everyone you know go out to celebrate with their lucky, lucky, beautiful, wish-you-could-be-them boyfriend / girlfriend / spouse / whatever. It's also no fun (or less fun) to work your butt off for the person you're involved with simply because "romantic" somehow equates to paying for everything.

I've always thought of Valentine's Day as a day for the couples to block out the world and focus on each other, and for the eternally single to unite and block out the couples. It should be a celebration of your relationship status, not a reason to suffer because you are or are not coupled.


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