Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday-ing

Yes. Well.

Welcome to Sunday's post. Normally, Sundays around here are the sniveling and tiny kid brother to the starting quarterback of an older brother that is the rest of the week's posts.

Yes, the analogy works. Yes, it's more than a little clumsy. No, I will not rewrite any of it.

Anyway, Sunday posts tend to be less...educational. And more...nonsensical and irrelevant than the other things we like to write about over the course of a given week. And that's on a normal Sunday, preceded by normal, everyday posts for the rest of the week.

But this Sunday.


Talk about a hard act to follow. It's like being the guy who comes up on stage to present the Oscar for "Best Technical Use of a Dolly Camera" after Roberto Benigni hears his name called.
This Sunday? What could I possibly write about that could even come close to the happenings on this blog over the course of the past week? Honestly? Nothing. Not a thing.

I mean, sure, today is the Super Bowl and all--a pretty big deal for a whole lot of folks. Certainly for fans in Green Bay and Pittsburgh. But Nathaniel's news trumps even this very classic, old school football match-up.

But what can I do? I need to post something, and I have no stupid/funny link to toss up here and call it a day.

So let's talk sports for a minute.

I have no vested interest in the game this year, as my lowly Dallas Cowboys had another rough season. Still, it's the Super Bowl, and that means one, very important thing.

Baseball season is right around the corner.

Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in one week from today, and they'll be playing exhibition games in just about three weeks from now. And for me, that's important.

Because I need a little baseball right about now.

Between the long hours at the office and the mountains of snow and ice (seriously, it's like a Zeppelin song out there), and the fact that I haven't been able to get to my comics shop for going on three Wednesdays...

I could use an afternoon (preferably a warm one, but I realize one can't have everything) sitting down in front of a baseball game.

Football is a great sport, but in my opinion, at least, it's unfair and thus flawed. Sometimes, it seems like whoever gets the ball next/last will win the game. There's nothing I hate more than a last second field goal from 50 yards out.

Your team can trail by 21 points at halftime, come back to tie the score with 20 seconds left to play, and then lose to a 10-yard "drive" and a field goal. And the team that got its brains kicked in the entire second half can ostensibly render the last 29 minutes and 55 seconds of play pointless.

Not so in baseball.

Baseball, if nothing else, is eminently fair.

No time limits, no shot clocks, and both teams get the exact same number of outs with which to score their runs.

It's also exceedingly difficult.

You lose track of how hard the game is by watching the pros play on TV. You get a little better appreciation at the ballpark, but still. It's hard to quantify just how incredible it is that a human being can throw a baseball nearly 100 miles per hour.

Or how incredible it is that another human being can turn that pitch around and hit a ball 400 feet.

And I know what you're thinking--writing about why baseball is a better game than football, on Super Bowl Sunday, is probably not the best idea.

Yeah, well. You're probaly right.

But then again, so am I.

-- -- -- --

Enjoy the game, everyone!

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