Saturday, February 26, 2011

So, Twitter

Yep. We're on Twitter. And, yep, we have, as of this writing, 6 followers. Actually, it's now 7. I just got an email. We have 7 followers. On Twitter.

So we're not Neil Gaiman, what do you want from us?

But we all have goals, and one of mine (since Nathaniel has all but sworn off Twitter forever, despite the fact that he's never used it) is to up that follower count. Yes, I know I sound like a cult leader. And yes, I know you all get more than enough of me here on the blog.

But I'm trying to up the profile, if you will, of this blog, and I think Twitter is a good way to do so. Of course, I'll need to actually learn what the heck I'm doing on Twitter first, but I'm a believer in doing, and failing, as opposed to not doing, and thus not failing.

So I'm planning to (continue) failing in this Twitter attempt thing for as long as it'll take failing, I guess. But I have to admit, I think I might keep on failing for a while, because this whole Twitter thing is a lot of fun.

I'm kind of figuring things out as I go, and I'm sure I've managed to annoy several people that I admire and respect. But them's the breaks, I guess, so I plan to keep Tweeting away. Until someone tells me to stop.

(And, no, Nathaniel, it doesn't count if you tell me to stop.)

So I'll keep Tweeting. And, hopefully, someone will start listening.

In the meantime, happy Saturday, everyone!


JoeReviewer said...

Proud to be 1/7 of the Exfanding Twitter Fololowers!

Don't worry, I'm still trying to figure out Twitter from the other end, so hopefully we'll both get it down eventually.

Scott said...

For a blog, you can use twitter to tweet when you've updated (there are blogger plugins for this, I believe -- Neil Gaiman does it), and you can also use it to tweet related breaking news. If there's one area you could shore up here on the blog, it's that -- most stuff I read here tends to be a few days old.

AJG said...

--Thanks, Joseph! And the way I figure it, even Neil Gaiman, at some point, had 7 followers on Twitter. (Sure, it was only for a split second before he notched 50-some-odd-thousand in just a few minutes, but hey...)

--Hopefully Twitter will help us be more...relevant. Like last night, when I live-Tweeted the Oscars!

For about an hour...before I fell asleep...