Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Final Apology

I'm instituting a new rule for all our creative endeavors: They will be done when they get done.

For the past two days, Alex has mentioned how little time he's had to write. Just before that, I mentioned how my computer underwent a forced reinstallation of Windows. Well, I've now had to reinstall Windows twice in the same week (don't ask), and I just discovered that all my Mega Man 6 project files aren't opening with whatever default version of Movie Maker I just reinstalled, so there's my technological setback for this round of videos.

Every time. Every single time. Truth be told, I would have been disappointed with myself if something catastrophic didn't happen this time; it's that obligatory plot twist that everyone's counting on.

We're still posting every day, and I'm still working toward releasing my next Mega Man 6 video. I know Alex has been on the verge of falling into a black hole for weeks now, but I've been occupied with any number of items, and I've been cheerfully crossing off one or more things from my to-do list on a daily basis. Every tick mark and strikeout is a step closer to having the ideal conditions for writing and recording. Fewer things to think about or interfere with the creative process.

Alex is welcome to abstain from following this decree--he's a nice guy, and writing about why he can't write has proven to be cathartic in the past. As for me, I will be bringing you unapologetic filler posts from now on. In addition to the regular and beefy posts, of course. I just won't make any more excuses for the filler or promises about the good times to come.

So, I'm sorry this wasn't much of a post, but I'll definitely have something more worthwhile tomorrow.

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