Monday, February 28, 2011

Month in Review: February 2011

How many milestones and significant events can we pack into one month? Between the Big Life Stuff, Big Blog Stuff, and Big World of Entertainment Stuff, we hardly had to put any effort into coming up with a topic for any given post. As a result, there was a little more continuity between our posts than usual, and I think I speak for the both of us when I say how pleased I am with the quality of the content.

Here's a retrospective look at February, one of the biggest months we've ever had:

- The romantically geeky story of my engagement, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4

- Alex's weekly comics news / cathartic rambling / philosophical musing feature, Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 3, Issues Five, Six, Seven, and Eight

- Alex's Super Bowl post about baseball

- Reflections (and spoilers) on the significant Fantastic Four #587, and follow-up thoughts

- My tale of pity and woe about catastrophic computer failure

- A plug for the Creators Front for Diversity in Comics

- The final apology for filler posts on this blog

- How to enjoy Valentine's Day whether you're single or attached

- A report on Borders and bankruptcy, and a reaction to the news

- A tasty introduction to Nabisco Toasted Chips

- A celebration of our blog reaching well over 50,000 hits, and encouragement to join our new Twitter...account, or page, or whatever it is you call it on Twitter

- The tale of my trip to Otakon, the Japanese anime festival I 2008

- News that you could decide what video game art to display at the Smithsonian

- A review of Daytripper, a work of impactful magical realism

- A respectful farewell to comics animation writer and creator Dwayne McDuffie

- A review of the computer game novelization / hint book, The Space Quest Companion

- A review of the first two geektastic seasons of The Guild

- A recap of my contributions to GameCola, the videogame humor website, in February

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