Saturday, September 24, 2011

Exfanding Radar: Champion! Magazine

I'm a big proponent of new, exciting ways to deliver content.

Working in publishing, especially, has taught me that, instead of fearing new and coming digital advancements, we should embrace them and use them to deliver content in the coolest, simplest way possible.

I'd even argue that, in some cases, the delivery of the content is more important (in terms of sellable product) than the content itself. Often, we get products featuring one or the other--great content with a bland, old template or flashy and impressive delivery methods with very little substance.

It's a rare occurrence when both delivery and content prove to be worthwhile, new, different, and, frankly, exciting.

Enter the editors and developers of the new Champion! magazine (yes, they have an exclamation point in their name; no I won't hold it against them).

Created by an editorial department made up of many former Wizard employees, Champion! offers--in my opinion, at least--revolutionary content delivery.

Stories about the comics industry literally come to life with video and audio features that truly enhance the "reading" experience. Product previews are handled especially well. In one of the issues I read, a Wolverine statue is hailed as an upcoming product. The magazine's interface allows the user a 360-degree view of the product--you can spin the statue around and heck it out from all angles.

Downloading the app--which is, for now at least, iPad only--is free, and each issue can be downloaded for free within the app.

Fans of Wizard should absolutely jump on this, and anyone with even a passing interest in the evolution of digital magazines has to pick this up. So go on, check it out already!

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