Friday, September 30, 2011

Month in Review: September 2011

What a great month for blogging September was. With new fandoms to explore, and new incarnations of old fandoms to investigate, there was no shortage of things to talk about...and that's just the beginning. We paid a week-long visit to the past, varied our posts from short and amusingly fluffy to long and philosophical, and recognized holidays and anniversaries both silly and solemn. Some long-awaited changes were made to the blog itself, including some tweaks to the sidebar, better sharing links at the bottom of each post, and a sweet updated banner.

Whether you enjoy continuity in the blog posts you read, or just think we're hip cats and want to get to know us better, you will not be disappointed by what we wrote in September. If you are, however, please don't tell us; our egos are quite fragile and we really like what we wrote:

- A recap of my contributions to videogame humor website in August and September of 2011

- The story of Gradius II and how it helped fuel my sudden Konami craze

- A look at Steve Geppi, Diamond, and bad art deals

- A completely misguided attempt at celebrating Labor Day

- A geeky and heartfelt Flashback Week, including:

+ My schoolyard days of playing Magic: The Gathering

+ Alex's unlikely baseball card collection quest

+ A long-overdue recounting of my first and only James Taylor concert

+ A somber piece that wasn't originally planned to be a part of this series, but seemed appropriate during a week of reflection: an outsider's perspective on the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks

+ The origin and progression of my ongoing endeavors to expose my girlfriend-turned-fiancée to the fandoms I love

+ Alex's confession that he wasn't always a geek

- Alex's weekly stream-of-consciousness opinion column, Waiting for Wednesday, which has returned to its comics-oriented roots in Volume 3, Issues 36-39, with coverage of Swamp Thing, Batman (concluding our Flashback Week), Wonder Woman, and Justice League Dark

- A Dungeons & Dragons-themed guest post I wrote some time ago giving advice on how to run a better battle

- Alex's chance to see Andrea Bocelli...and finally hear him sing

- Thoughts on DC Comics' massive relaunch

- An admittedly halfhearted celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate Day

- Complaining about changes to Windows, Office, Pandora, and Facebook without actually complaining

- Proof that actor Nicholas Cage is a vampire

- A spotlight on the radical content delivery style of Champion! comics magazine

- An admission that I am a fan of bad movies

- Reviews of two DC relaunch titles: the impressive Batman, Issue 1 and the controversial Catwoman, Issue 1

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JoeReviewer said...

On "Alex's chance to see Andrea Bocelli...and finally hear him sing", for a second I was like "Alex sung in a blog post? How did I miss that?!?" Then I re-read it and I remebered it.

And that's my story for today.