Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 3, Issue 38

Talk about a big comic book week.

Tons of new product from DC and Marvel, and apparently I pre-ordered a couple of (not cheap) collections that also hit today. Oh! And Li'l Depressed Boy, issue six from Image ships!

So no preamble this week--just my picks.

From DC, we finally get to see the much-hyped (and already incredibly well-reviewed) Batman, issue one, by writer Scott Snyder (American Vampire) and artist Greg Capullo (Spawn, Sam and Twitch).
There's been buzz about this book forever, and from all accounts, Snyder's new Bat book manages to exceed the expectations laid forth after his stellar Detective Comics run of the last year-plus.

In that run, Snyder wrote the Dick Grayson Batman--here he'll write the Bruce Wayne Batman, and I'm interested in his take on the iconic Dark Knight that we all grew up with.

Capullo's dark style fits Gotham--and Batman--perfectly, and I fully expect this book to be one of the best in the DC relaunch. Here's the solicitation information from the publisher:

Be here for the start of a new era for The Dark Knight from writer Scott Snyder (AMERICAN VAMPIRE, BATMAN: GATES OF GOTHAM) and artist Greg Capullo (Spawn)! A series of brutal killings hints at an ancient conspiracy, and Batman learns that Gotham City is deadlier than he knew.

Now, group Batman with Wonder Woman, issue one, from the brilliant creative team of Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang, and you get the two most talked about issues of the New DC.
I'm really interested in Azzarello's take on Diana, as he's known more for his excellent, down and dirty crime books than for the more lofty, superhero-y type of stories.

But from solicitation materials and things I've read online, it seems like this book will focus heavily on the Greek myth aspects of Diana's character--which, really, just makes a whole lot of sense.

Here's the blurb from DC:

The Gods walk among us. To them, our lives are playthings. Only one woman would dare to protect humanity from the wrath of such strange and powerful forces. But is she one of us – or one of them?

I'm excited to try both books, and I have a feeling I'll be buying these series month to month. You can check out previews for each issue over at Bleeding Cool. And remember, if you plan on grabbing these--or any of the DC reboots, really--be sure to either call your shop ahead or get to your store early.

Batman, especially, is going to fly off the shelves today, and many retailers likely ordered fewer copies of Wonder Woman than of Batman, or Action. The issues are already starting to pop up on eBay, with Buy It Now prices of $6.00.

Ridiculous? Yes, absolutely. But a good indication that, if you want to read these books as single issues, you better get to your LCS sooner rather than later.

Right. So. Let's get out of the mainstream for a bit, shall we?

While I'll happily pick up many of the New DC books today, I am most looking forward to Li'l Depressed Boy, issue six, from Image.
Sure there was a bit of a lag between issues 5 and 6, but that merely stoked the flames for what is officially my favorite new book of 2011. I made that claim after reading issue one, and now that most of the year has come and gone, I'm saying it again.

And apparently I'm not the only one to fall in love with this title, as the book has garnered a nice following--so nice, in fact, that they'll soon be releasing a trade of the previously uncollected web comic that spawned the Image series.

But that's down the road a bit. Today's issue is the second part of a new story arc, and Image gives us the low down:

'JAIL GUITAR DOORS' Drew Blood has been arrested, leaving LDB stranded by the side of the road with no clue where he is or how to get home. All he can think is: What would Snake do? Featuring a cover by CHARLIE ADLARD, award winning artist of THE WALKING DEAD and all around nice guy.

Please jump on this book if you haven't already. It's honestly one of the best books on the market, and despite its title, LDB manages to make me smile whenever I read it.

So that's what I'm buying. How about you--what are you Waiting for?

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