Friday, September 16, 2011

Last Night...

...I was here:
And because I was there last night, I am in a very good mood today.

However, I am also on a deadline at work, so I don't have much time to write this morning. Which is fine, because I mostly wanted to just brag about how I saw Andrea Bocelli live in Central Park last night.

Sure it was cold. And rainy. And there were lines. But we managed to get around that pesky, 10,000-person deep line (don't ask), the rain stopped completely after the intermission, and the show was amazing.

Great friends, great music, great night.

I'd previously seen Bocelli in Florence--years ago and with the same friends I went to Central Park with last night--when he received an award. We all crowded into the event, hoping to hear him sing.

As I remember it (and, again, I've had a couple of concussions since then), there were people all over the place, angling for position to hear one song.

However, all he did was say thank you in Italian.

Ten years later, and we finally got to hear the man sing.

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