Thursday, September 1, 2011

GameCola Recap: August 2011

For a while I was averaging three contributions per month to videogame humor website, and I seem to have developed a knack for frantically submitting an article at the end of the month in the hopes of nearly meeting that quota, only to have the article published at the beginning of the next month...and to have that article end up being my only contribution for that month, keeping me locked into this sad, sad cycle.

Thus, I bring you but one article--hang on; my other article just got published at the last minute, and now I need to actually write something for next month. Thus, I bring you two articles from August 2011. Failure to enjoy them will result in the untimely termination of...whatever it was that was making you happy before you started reading them.


- Tobe's Vertical Adventure (PC)


- Big Changes for GCDotNet

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