Thursday, September 29, 2011

GameCola Recap: September 2011

My contributions to videogame humor website in the month of September keep with the tradition of the previous two months: there are two.

This time around, I got an easy sprite comic out of Frogger that may or may not provide a quick laugh, and a review of a Mega Man game, which shouldn't take anyone by surprise. To be fair, it's a review of a somewhat obscure Mega Man game that the general public seems to hate, and I haven't written a review that wasn't prompted by a company giving me a free game since January, so I think it's worth tooting some kind of horn. Bweeet.


- Sprite Flicker: Amphibian Impasse


- Mega Man (PC)

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JoeReviewer said...

I actually saw one of these before you posted here, and I just left a comment on the other one.

Hopefully my sad attempt at humor will at least be funny in itself.