Friday, September 2, 2011

Month in Review: August 2011

If this blog were a television series, August would have been the two-part season finale that tied up several loose ends of the past season while introducing just enough new ideas to hint at the direction of the next season. One of the main characters returned to the show after a short hiatus, a few special guest stars made appearances, and viewers were treated to important character development and valuable backstory, as well as a few surprises along the way.

Don't worry if you missed any of it; we've got the reruns right here:

- Alex's return to blogging, and a heartwarming story of why the world needs superheroes

- Thoughts on how spoilers are damaging the comics industry

- Alex's weekly column that's part comics news and part personal journal, Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 3, Issues 31-35, discussing his time away from the blog, Kidnapping Kevin Smith, bad sushi, American Vampire, and a power outage

- A forward-facing retrospective look at the last decade of Marvel movies

- The tale of how this blog almost had a name that makes sense, and some encouragement to share in something Alex loves

- The realization that I am a fan of my own Mega Man videos, and am tired of waiting for the next one

- The creepiest...accessory...ever

- An analysis of what made Borders a success, and why it failed, along with a sobering firsthand account of one particular retail location in its final weeks

- My reaction to Two and a Half Men's major cast change, which was unprecedented because it was timely and about a TV show that was still on the air

- A link to nostalgia-inducing Retro Junk

- A filler post! And I'm not telling you anything about it, which means now you've gotta read it.

- Alex hears voices, battles an alien, and reviews the best issue of Daredevil to come along in a long time

- After a year of recording, the announcement of my highly anticipated and showofftastic playthrough of Mega Man 6, and a recap of the setback-ridden recording process

- Fresh musings on the nature of comics fans

- A guest review of a few LEGO Movie video games, and why Star Wars still reigns supreme

- Indecision that led to the most philosophical video game post I've written in a while, which revealed my clever system for choosing new games to play

- A guest explanation of what, exactly, constitutes the Marvel Cinematic Universe

- A list that somehow manages to combine Castlevania, commuting, and a court case.

- A Wedding Themed Post. Also, Zombies.

- A blurb about my cameo appearance in a Mega Man X2 video

- Our glorious celebration of Exfanding Your Horizons' third birthday! If you read no other post from this month, make it this one.

- A quick recap of Grant Morrison on the Death of Comics

- A moment to prepare for Alex versus the hurricane

- An ungraceful transition away from talk of the hurricane

- Controlled excitement over the possibility of a new Star Trek TV series; like, authentic Star Trek, without the rebootery

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