Saturday, December 3, 2011

Exfanding Radar: The Fan/Pro Bill of Rights

So this is interesting. And, in my opinion at least, completely necessary.

From writer extraordinaire Peter David, last week saw the release of The Fan/Pro Bill of Rights, a document that I wish all fanpeople (of any and all fandoms) would take a moment to read.

Mr. David covers quite a few things in his missive and they all have to do with how fans and creators should act towards each other at conventions.

This document warmed my (black little) heart, as it covers topics specifically mentioned right here on this blog just a few short years ago.

Mostly quite serious, but sometimes hilariously tongue-in-cheek, this new Bill of Rights is both useful and entertaining.

It's a guide for fan/pro interaction, and I think it's especially useful to read over before one attends his or her first convention.

So go check it out, already.

And happy Saturday!

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