Sunday, December 25, 2011

On Tradition

This has been a weird Yuletide for me. I've spent most of it cycling between bouts of trepidation, bouts of annoyance, and bouts of disappointment, excitement, sadness, and happiness.

Also, there was some gas.

So, yeah, pretty much ran the gamut of emotion these past 30 days or so. Not exactly the way I pictured my holiday (or my vacation), but that's what's fun and infuriating and so great about Life.

After all, it's what happens when you're busy making other plans.

So while my December hasn't exactly been...typical...some things never change. And thank goodness for tradition, I say.

The holidays mean a lot of things. Gatherings with family and friends, exchanging gifts, drinking eggnog, trimming the tree, taking a week off and staring at the wall.

Most of all, though, I think the holidays represent the familiar. For a day or two over the course of the entire year, we can all dive back into things we've done for years, ever since we were kids.

And even if certain things about those traditions have changed--people, places--some things will just always be there.

For me, I'm spending my Christmas morning reading some Goon comics, waiting for company to arrive.

Whatever it is you're doing today, I hope it's fun, and familiar, and just what you wished for.

To all of you, we here at Exfanding wish you the happiest holidays and the Merriest Christmas ever.


Mr. E [PostApocolyptica] said...

Merry Christmas to you, too. Have a nice time, everyone!

JoeReviewer said...

Merry Christmas, I say, to all at Exfanding
My your Yuletide cheer be free from trouble and demanding. :)

Flashman85 said...

Thank you both, and belated same to you!