Monday, December 5, 2011

The Holidays, Exfanding Style

So this is our big, important warning--uh, I mean post--to officially kick off the holiday season here at Exfanding Your Horizons. Not gonna be much content today, except to tell you that the 2012 edition of Gifts for Geeks is coming.

As I'm sure you're all well aware, Gifts for Geeks is the Internet's longest-running and most-respected holiday gift guide for the dorky. (Editor's Note: Um. That's really not true.)

And since we're kind of old hands at this particular game, we're going to mix things up a bit this time around. Be sure to check back in later this week to see just what in the heck I'm talking about.

This year things are gonna be all new and all different, but if you'd like to catch up on still-relevant (and always amazingly well written, snarky, and informative) previous Gifts for Geeks posts, here's a little reader's guide for ya:

We've covered all the basics, from anime and comics to more comics and even more comics. And, um. just a little more comics.

From gifts that will cost you nothing to gifts that will cost you everything, from "safe" gifts for that impossible to buy for geek in your life to our greatest gifts ever, we've really left no stone unturned over the past three years.

If that's still not enough gift ideas for you, there's also a rundown of the baddest gifts ever and the indispensable guide to the hottest gifts of 1989.

Literally something for everyone.

So go check out previous guides, leave comments and suggest your own dorky gift ideas, and be sure to check back in later this week for the 2011 edition.

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