Monday, December 19, 2011

Beat Me To It...

We've run a couple of posts about what our version of the Ideal Comic Book Shop would look like on the blog, mostly because such posts scratch two of our biggest itches--comics and telling people what's best for them (according to us).

Characteristics such as clean, well lit, and has a pleasant smell all rose to the top of our list of things our ideal shop would be or would have. Other than those (you'd think obvious, but not really) traits, we came up with a few extra goodies that we'd love to see in a shop.

For my tastes, adding coffee to comics sounds like the best thing ever. And so I wrote, way back when:

I think adding a personal touch to a store is important. It shows you care, and it allows you to stand out from the rest. For me, adding a coffee bar, a couch or two, and some original art would make my shop like a home.

Well, after reading about it on Bleeding Cool this morning in an article titled, "The Comic Shop That Merged With a Coffee Shop," Legend Comics in Omaha seems to be pretty much my ideal comic book shop.

It connects to a coffee shop, you see, so right there it has my attention.

What's more, though, it sounds like a very cool place to shop--they're doing a good job of building anticipation for the move with a teaser on their website, and they've generated some local press to get the word out.

I live nowhere near Omaha and have never visited Legend, but from the articles online, it looks like they'll have some pretty cool things to set their shop apart from other stores, like a massive selection of comics and graphic novels and even drive-thru and indoor movie screenings.

From photos online, it's easy to see that the store is well laid out, bright, and clean. it looks like a place I'd like to hang out in, as opposed to just stop by to grab some books and run. In fact, it looks like a place my non-comics-reading friends would enjoy, too.

And, of course, there will be coffee.

So, yeah. Legend beat me to creating that magical, wonderful comic shop vision I've had in my head all this time. That's okay, though. I'm not bitter.

What I am is interested--if anyone happens to be in the Omaha area and you've stopped by the shop, please drop me a line to let me know what you think. It looks like an awesome place and I'd love to hear your take!

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