Saturday, December 31, 2011

Month in Review: December 2011

Well, that's officially one more year of blogging under our belts. Amazing, too--a new post every day at 11 AM, like clockwork, except when Alex forgot it was his turn to post. Or when I forgot it was my turn to post and begged him at 10:59 to fill in for me.

December was a month of comfort posting--familiar topics we could easily write about, long-running traditions we'd been planning for, and personal stories requiring relatively little effort to convey. Enjoy a look back at this past month:

- A recap of my contributions to videogame humor website in November and December 2011

- A link post regarding the worthwhile and occasionally humorous Fan/Pro Bill of Rights

- An explanation of how I went seven months without a weekend to myself

- Preparations and delays for our annual Gifts for Geeks feature, which covers surprise gifts, gift cards, nightmare shopping, gifts for geekettes, and assorted specific recommendations

- Thoughtful questioning about the relationship between creators and their politics

- Volume 3, Issues 49-52 of Alex's weekly sanity check-in with a comics news endcap, Waiting for Wednesday, covering Hellblazer Annual, holiday plans, change of employment (which is described in further detail in a follow-up post) and musings on over three years of blogging

- A reflection on the anniversary of the death of John Lennon

- An unexpected radio ad for a movie from the 1990s

- The Third Easiest Contest on the Internet

- Encouraging sales figures for the comics industry

- A celebration of the completion of my first bonus video for Mega Man 6

- A link post regarding Alex's ideal comics shop, and a story about what might just be Nathaniel's ideal everything shop

- A scattershot status update complete with geeky Christmas tree picture

- A butchering of Good King Wenceslas for the sake of roleplaying humor

- Thoughts on holiday traditions

- An introduction to Dragon Warrior, the sword-and-sorcery NES RPG series

- An epic announcement of this year's Great Comic Book Adventure

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