Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 3, Issue 52

Another Waiting for, another year gone by. Now, I don't want to say that I'm counting the years through blog posts, but I'm kind of starting to count the years through blog posts.

That's kind of funny because next week we'll start up again with WfW Volume 4, which will help mark the beginning of the (just about) three-year, eight-month mark of the anniversary of the day I told Nathaniel, "We've had a good run. Maybe we should pack it up."

Clearly (and happily) I was way off with that statement. We obviously have at least another three or four good months in us before we get thrown off the Internet.

: )

It's weird and wonderful where this blog has gone, and where it has taken me. Just last night, for example, I finished reading Wil Wheaton's The Happiest Days of Our Lives, a book I asked my brother to (somehow) find for me this Christmas.

Just about four years ago, I had no idea who Wil Wheaton was. This blog post changed that.

Now I've read all of his books, and I keep up with his blog on a daily basis. Just one example of the many new things I've tried since we launched Exfanding.

In these (just about) four years, I've played Dungeons & Dragons. I've watched Star Wars, despite my disliking of space. I've watched Kurosawa films and written about them in (hilarious) detail.

There's no two ways around it; this (innocent little fun) blog and its (fuzzy) co-writer have rubbed off on me. I no longer feel so out of place in a Game Stop, and I don't have to walk away when there's a Han shot first argument in the local comics shop. I've embraced my geekdom in ways I didn't even realize were possible.

Now, since it is the last Wednesday of the year and there are new comics out on the shelves today, I probably should talk about those books. But, you see, I really didn't feel like doing that today. As you can surely tell by now, I'm in a reflective mood this morning. So instead of listing new comics that I'm excited about buying (and there are a nice handful of them this week), I'll just say this.

Go to your local comics shop, look around, and pick up something you've previously never tried. You might like it. You might tell a friend about how much you liked it. You might even write a review about it. Maybe you'll do it online. Maybe you'll start a blog. Maybe you'll embark on your very own Weird and Wonderful.

Seriously, guys. What are you Waiting for?

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