Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Status Quote

Given that it's taken us two weeks to get most of the way through our week-long Gifts for Geeks celebration, I feel a status update is in order.

At virtually any other point this year, any delays could have been attributed to the Big Life Stuff that was keeping me busy. This time, I am pleased to report, it's not my fault. As it turns out, Alex is the one with Big Life Stuff afoot, which he'll probably share through cryptic hints over the next few months until he finally writes a formal explanation, which he will either immediately discard after re-reading or hold off on posting until the Cubs win the Super Bowl.

And yes, I realize the Cubs only play in the Stanley Cup.

So, without Alex here today to dismiss or substantiate any claims that behind-the-scenes machinations are responsible for our slightly irregular posting schedule, I can only give a status update on what's going on in NathanielLand. I realize this will have nothing to do with why we keep putting off Gifts for Geeks, but hey, it's free admission.

- Life is gradually returning to normal (or whatever passes for normal 'round these parts) now that the wedding is over and weekend road trips have been scaled back to a more reasonable frequency. Consequently, I'm finding more time to tackle my long-neglected errands, housework, and creative projects. Productivity is happiness.

- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been released and is consuming the lives of millions. True to form, I'm just getting around to playing The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

- With barely any time to enjoy it, my wife and I have finally set up our Christmas tree. Our 4' tall, chintzy blue Christmas tree.

In other news, we desperately need a more holiday-appropriate tree topper than a Dr. Wily action figure and an Enterprise NX-01.

- I inadvertently threw myself into a nightmare holiday shopping scenario, the likes of which I swore I try to avoid. The Saturday before Christmas, I head out to the mall. I realize it will be busy. I realize I may need to drive around a while before locating a parking space. I realize everything will be sold out by the time I get there.

I fail to realize I'm now living in a place where the mall is the size of the town I used to live in, and situated at the intersection of two major thoroughfares. I have a lovely 45-minute joyride around the mall before I decide that maybe a smile and a hug is all anybody needs for Christmas.

- The wife and I got out to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows in the theater this past weekend. We don't get out to the movies so often anymore--we watched J. Edgar over Thanksgiving weekend with my family; before that, I believe the last film we saw in the theater was Kung Fu Panda 2, back in May. Come to think of it, we've hardly watched any movies recently--it's been a lot of Star Trek and LEGO Batman instead.

- At long last, I discovered the option that allows me to organize the game list on my Backloggery. It was fun to tinker around a little bit and make some updates. I'm also pleased and amused to see that my GameCola article on The Backloggery is still the first Google search result that isn't the site itself.

- The Third Easiest Contest on the Internet, after sparking a good amount of initial interest, seems to have quieted down significantly. But, with a deadline of January 4, there's still plenty of time to follow us on social media and poke holes in our archives for a shot at a $15 Amazon.com gift certificate. See, it doesn't sound so much like shameless advertising when it's part of a status update, right?

Well, that should do for now. We've got a Waiting for Wednesday lined up for tomorrow as usual, followed by what we suspect will be a conclusion to this year's Gifts for Geeks. Stay tuned.

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