Monday, March 1, 2010

500 Posts!

Ah, March 1st. What a momentous day. The turning point where we leave behind February, the least interesting of the winter months. (Seriously, all I did was shovel snow and pay off my credit card debt from Valentine's Day.)

March 1st also marks the release of the most hotly anticipated game of the ones I hotly anticipate--Mega Man 10. Note, however, that the last game I hotly anticipated was Mega Man 9, so you can tell how excited I get about modern games. This is good motivation to do your taxes (if you've any hope of a refund).

But, second-most-importantly, March 1st is a milestone for Exfanding Your Horizons: Right this very instant, you are reading our 500th post.
In the grand scheme of things, 500 posts isn't necessarily all that impressive. The revamped GameCola website has been live since mid-January, and we're already at well over 250 posts there. Exfanding has been updating regularly since August 2008, so I'd say we're pretty behind.

Or else we're pretty darn awesome.

Considering this blog started as a "we're kinda bored and wouldn't it be fun to..." project, and considering all the upheaval both Alex and I have experienced in our lives since then, I'd say it's something special to have stuck together on this project all this time... and to have plenty more ideas and energy for the future.

Now we're talking business cards with the Exfanding logo on them. Now we're talking cheap advertising. Now we're talking about finally making good on those promises of compiling the first year of posting into a book, preferably before we celebrate our second full year of posting. Yet, we're not doing this for money or fame. Well, I'm not, but we'd better keep an eye on Alex. No, we write because we love to write, and because we love sharing geeky fandom stuff with other people. That's the whole point of this blog, after all--that's why we call it Exfanding Your Horizons.

Wow, 500 posts. Through periods of employment and unemployment, through times of frenzied activity and unbearable boredom, through spurts of enthusiasm and creative dry spells... we've stuck with this blog through a little (and a lot) of everything, and we've changed and grown both as bloggers and as people (not to say that bloggers aren't people, mind you).

Look over the recaps we've given in our Month in Review posts. Compare what we've written in recent weeks/months to our first five blog posts. Things are always in motion around here, and when that motion slows to a halt, we find ways to get ourselves back in gear again. The basics haven't changed--Alex still writes primarily about comics, I still talk excessively about Mega Man and Star Trek whenever the opportunity arises, and there's still a semi-educational bent to many of our posts--but we're constantly adapting, adjusting, accommodating, and... alliterating.

Thank you, loyal readers, for sticking with us--whether that's been since Day One or since the beginning of this post. While our philosophy has always been to blog for ourselves, I wonder sometimes if we would have made it this far with zero comments, zero followers, zero feed readers, and a hit counter that only increased when Alex or I checked in to see if anyone had visited the blog. Maybe we get a little too sentimental sometimes about reaching these milestones and actually having any kind of a fan base, but we're nothing if not sincere.

Now go play Mega Man 10.

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