Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sure, I Remember Electricity

Well, today was supposed to mark my triumphant return to blogging from a computer. Instead, here I sit, plucking away at the pseudo "keys" of my iPhone because my brand new wireless Internet thingy does not work.

Instead of being the new, wonderful, sleek contraption that magically beams the Web to my laptop, it is now a new, wonderful, sleek contraption that sits on my desk.

And doesn't do much more than that.

Well, actually, it has managed to cripple my DSL completely, so at least there's that. It should be fixed by tomorrow--or so I'm told--so fingers crossed.

The good news, though, is that my electricity has been turned back on, I've showered, the basement is clean, and I am warm and tired. But the good kind of tired. Sure, I'm on my way to work on about 10 hours of sleep over the last four days, but at least there will be tons of stuff to catch up on.

So much, in fact, that there's a good chance I won't even have enough time crash completely.

Still, since this phone makes my soup-bones-for-hands ache whenever I type anything more considerable than an email or a text message, I'll need to postpone this week's Waiting for Wednesday for one more day.

So it'll really be a list of things I bought, instead of a list of things I want to buy. Perfect for all you weekend comics shoppers, not-so-perfect for the vast majority that is everyone else.

And today's post is pretty much to be considered "vamping" while I count down the minutes to the return of my Internet.

I did want to mention a humorous (well, I thought so, at least) aside from all the storming and power outage-ing this week. Because the power was out, the sump-pump in my basement obviously did not work.

And because there was just so much water from the torrential rains Saturday and then the steady rains of Sunday and Monday, the water from the backyard backed up in the curtain drain, and started coming into the basement.

We have two portable sump-pumps and a portable generator--all bought specifically for the frequent power outages--but ensuring that those components work properly and efficiently takes some time and (constant) effort.

The biggest problem we faced was the fact that our portable generator was certainly not meant to remain on for days at a time. Nor was it supposed to be out in the rain, or so the directions warned.

So there were some interesting problems that needed to be solved interestingly.

And they were.

I found myself thinking a lot about Richard Matheson's I Am Legend and about how I felt a lot like Robert Neville, stocking up on supplies and food during the day, and preparing for the onslaught at night.

Right. Back tomorrow (hopefully) with a proper post.

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