Thursday, March 4, 2010

GameCola Recap: February 2010

Yuri Space JumperVideogame humor website emerged from a long hibernation in January, and now that it's abandoned its monthly newsletter format, the site is updating regularly with hilarious, informative, and diverse material.

We've got entertaining videogame reviews, columns, news (both real and fake), blog posts, comics, fanfiction, podcasts, and videos created by a huge team of funnymen and women, only about three of whom do anything for the site.

As a staff writer / editor / YouTube channel administrator for GameCola, I've been busy this past month, and I'm excited to share with you my article contributions for February 2009. Please be sure to rate anything you read, and consider leaving a comment; we joke around that only staff writers read each others' articles because, as far as we can tell from the ratings and comments, nobody else is.

Blog Posts:

- The Backloggery: Proof you're an awesome (or lousy) gamer


- Flash Flood: Games IN SPAAAAACE!

Sprite Flicker comicComics:

- Sprite Flicker: Mega Man Is Falling for You


- #20: Something New

- #21: The YouTube Podcast


- Super Mario Bros. 2

- Podcast #14-15: We Are (Still) Drama Queens

- Videogame Valentines

- Super Back to the Future Part II

- Podcast #16: Ratchet & Clank (& Michael)

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