Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mega Man Mania

I've never considered myself one to be obsessive or obsessed with any of my fandoms. I'll get excited, I'll blow all the money in my wallet on geek merchandise at a convention, and I'll go on tangents like nobody's business, but I make it a point to avoid being so consumed by a fandom that I cannot utter a peep without mentioning something about that fandom.

As you may have noticed, there's been a lot of Mega Man talk on this blog recently. When you're juggling 7.8 billion other side projects and commitments, often the easiest thing to blog about is exactly what's on your mind.

For a good two months, Mega Man has taken charge of most of my brain activity, but with good reason. Just how much Mega Man is in my system these days? Allow me to retrace my steps:

I've been recording video footage and audio commentary for a run of Mega Man 5 since early December, if not late November, and I started spending most of my free time on the endeavor around mid-January. Now that I'm in the audio recording phase, I can only record when it's quiet around the house and when I'm in the right mindset, so that's become an "I'll get around to it when I get the chance" kind of project.

In the meantime, I'm reading and responding to all the comments on my existing Mega Man videos daily. Additionally, I'm watching related Mega Man videos that appear in the sidebar for my videos.

Over the past several weeks I've secured one copy each of the Official Complete Works books for Mega Man, Mega Man X, and Mega Man Zero, reading through them whenever I need a mental break (which is rather often these days).

Mega Man 10 was recently released, and I've been playing through it since it arrived, trying to complete as many different modes and challenges as possible. I'm also in the midst of writing a review. I've been messing around with different ways to play the game on my computer because I want to take my own screenshots of the game.

Following some of the YouTube conversations I've had through comments, I finally found the motivation (and a good enough price) to buy Mega Man V for the Game Boy, a game I've been meaning to play for some time. Now that I'm on a mission to play all the Mega Man games I've never played, I got a hold of and played through all of Mega Man: The Wily Wars for the Sega Genesis, as well as a Mega Man game for the Game Gear that I'd never heard of, and which I just played through the other night.

It was my birthday recently, and my Special Someone made me a Mega Man-themed birthday card, following the Mega Man-themed Valentine's Day card from earlier this year.

Not that this is anything out of the ordinary, but the Mega Man 9 soundtrack has made its way into my car's CD player again, and probably won't leave until Tally Hall kicks it out.

As you can see, there is a lot of Mega Man activity in my life right now, more than ever before. This is in addition to all the MM music that comes up on my Winamp playlist on a regular basis, and the action figures that guard the area surrounding my computer. I'm surprised I can still talk to anybody about anything else anymore.

However, it still seems that I can't blog about anything else.

Give it a little more time; all of my current Mega Man projects are gradually nearing completion, and there's other good stuff like watching Firefly with Alex that is bound to get some attention sooner or later. If you're a Mega Man fan, then I'm glad I've got someone to share this with. If you're sick of all this blue robot talk, then please bear with me a bit longer.

With any luck, I'll go Star Trek-crazed in no time.

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