Monday, March 15, 2010

Impaired Closed Captioning

I've been receiving a few comments on my YouTube videos about the funny things I'm apparently saying when the new Transcribe Audio feature attempts to write out my ridiculous yammerings. Just as Alex and I had fun chatting with Abe Lincoln thanks to Virsona's still-in-progress AI and response system, I've been greatly enjoying watching YouTube put words in my mouth.

Currently, Transcribe Audio isn't available for all videos, but I encourage you to check in on some of your favorite YouTube videos to see what kinds of glorious nonsense you can come up with. I respect that this feature is being implemented, and I know it will be very helpful in the future... once the kinks have been worked out. For now, the kinks are pretty hilarious, especially considering they have a penchant for transforming my Mega Man commentary into drunken ramblings about news and politics. I swear, Transcribe Audio once made me say "George Stephanopoulos."

Enjoy a small sampling of how Transcribe Audio has mangled my words; it doesn't even matter what I was saying at the time, because that rarely impacts the captions that appear on the screen (though it's eerily amusing to see my words get printed properly every once in a while).

YouTube Transcribe Audio screenshot
YouTube Transcribe Audio sample
YouTube Transcribe Audio screenshot example
YouTube Transcribe Audio screenshot mistake
YouTube Transcribe Audio screenshot demonstration
YouTube Transcribe Audio screenshot mix-upYouTube Transcribe Audio screenshot goof-up

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