Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Waiting for--Hey, Waittaminute!

Well, hello there. Good to see you all again. It's been way too long. And, um, sorry for the extended absence. I've had a bit of an interesting week so far. Well, actually, that's not really true. I'm still having a bit of a week here.

Mostly because the super secret location of Exfanding HQ sits high atop water table.

Not exactly stately Wayne Manor, or the Hall of Justice, or even Peter Parker's one-room apartment, for that matter. But, hey, it suits our purposes. Until, of course, it doesn't. Suit our purposes, I mean. Apparently, when one adds a ridiculous amount of rain to widespread (and days long) power outages to a high water get a flooded basement.

Who knew?

Anyway, while the basement situation is still an ongoing annoyance, the weather has turned quite nice. So not having power isn't as bad today as it was yesterday. Plus, my home phone has finally been repaired, and my iPhone now makes and recieves calls and can connect to the Internet.

Which is something it couldn't do the past three days.

And since Nathaniel has kindly taken over thus far this week, I figured it'd be a nice gesture on my part to ignore the fact that my giant fingers were not built for iPhone typing and take over today's posting.

Of course, since I now want to throw the phone out the window, I'm going to wrap up by saying that I hope to be back tomorrow with electricity in my home and with a post from a computer.

Hopefully it'll be a Very Thursday edition of Waiting for Wednesday, and not some angry rant about portable generators backfiring.

Right. See you soon.

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