Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Month in Review: February 2010

February was a bit rough for us. Non-blog commitments of various shapes and sizes began to dominate our free time, which had a palpable impact on the nature of our posts and our ability to coordinate the content of our posts. The month was characterized by debatably off-topic stories and musings, with a handful of reviews and introductory posts to balance things out; in general, there were more "quick and easy" posts than usual, and there was a lot of talk about Mega Man and unemployment/reemployment matters, but there was a great deal of honesty--in a way, EYH was more of a jounal than a geek blog for a few weeks.

Here's everything we posted in February:

- A recap of my January contributions to GameCola.net
- A review of the History Channel's WWII in HD series
- Volume Two of Alex's weekly comics news/opinion feature, Waiting for Wednesday, issues five, six, seven, and eight
- A discussion of how I simultaneously embrace and am wary of new technology
- An introduction to collecting comics, parts one and two
- A teaser for my video review / walkthrough / showoff video of Mega Man 5
- An announcement of the decision to expose Alex to Joss Whedon's space western, Firefly
- Ponderings about starting up one's own comics shop
- A discussion about how I actually enjoy winter and winter-related elements in my fandoms
- A review of Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer, a graphic novel
- A link post to a podcast interview with DC artist Ethan Van Sciver
- A guide to choosing chick flicks everybody might enjoy
- Stories of Alex's employment situation and the geeky uses of his free time
- A discussion of my gradual rise to fame as an extremely minor Internet celebrity
- An introduction to Apples to Apples, a hilarious card game that's fun for everybody
- A rant about the use of the term "hack" in comics
- A discussion about some big changes at DC Comics
- An introduction (or reintroduction) to poetry, which isn't just tired rhymes and stiff verse
- A review of Mega Man Official Complete Works, a book showcasing the art of Mega Man
- An anecdote about how comics are gradually becoming more socially acceptable
- An explanation of how my various side projects have affected my work on this blog
- Totally unrelated musings on snow and comics
- A surprisingly substantial filler post about weekendy plans
- A review of The Wolfman, a remake of the 1941 Lon Chaney film, plus a quick discussion of the copy of Detective Comics #27 that fetched over one million dollars

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