Saturday, March 20, 2010

Discovering Buried Blog Treasure

From time to time, I dedicate an hour or two or three to tinkering around with this blig. I mean, uh, blog. Didn't mean to write "blig."

Anytypo, when I do finally sit down to spruce up our layout, clean up the sidebar, and go back through the archives to proofread posts and check on search tags, I like to take my time and make a real project out of it. Most recently, I found myself skimming through every single post we've done since mid-December, around which time I started getting a little lax on keeping up with all the consistency and technical stuff.

Do you know what I discovered? One-and-a-half posts that I had never read before. I mean, it's possible that I've seen them and don't remember them, but as far as I'm concerned, this was all brand-new to me! Thankfully, the posts in question belonged to Alex--if they were mine, there'd be some real problems.

Perhaps I was away for the weekend, or maybe I was just busy enough that I didn't have time to read anything of any length, but Alex wrote a post about coffee that I simply don't remember, and the entire first half of one Waiting for Wednesday didn't ring a bell, either.

And it was wonderful.

To me, it's a joy to discover a previously unknown installment of something you love. It's that one episode of Star Trek that, somehow, you didn't see when you watched through the entire series all those decades ago. It's that one obscure Mega Man game that was never released in your country, and even though it's awful, at least it's more Mega Man. It's that one action figure with such a limited run that you didn't realize it was missing from your otherwise complete collection.

Instead of closing with some heartwarming lesson I learned from all this, I'll leave you with a challenge: Pick one of your favorite fandoms and search around for an installment you might have missed. Go back through the archives of your favorite blog (read: Exfanding Your Horizons) and see if there are any posts you've missed. Choose something you know everything about, and discover a little bit more.

Will you take my challenge?

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