Sunday, March 14, 2010

Random Geeky News

It's Sunday! We reserve at least one day on the weekend for quick and easy link/video posts that make it look like we're doing more work for this blog than we really are! (Except for Alex, who likes to overachieve and write an actual post for a "quick and easy link post." Makin' me look bad and all that.)

Wait, was that a secret? Oops. Uh... here's an exhaustively researched post with the two most newsworthy newses of the past week. The amount of toil that went into finding these is unthinkable. As in, don't think about it. Just click on the links, bub.

Chuck Norris turns 70! A Chuck Norris fact for every year!

A plastic surgeon gives the all-time Donkey Kong high score a facelift!

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